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Title: Friends of Sceale Bay have succeeding in attracting $729,000 funding from the Au
Post by: Michele on May 29, 2012, 05:40:02 pm
This new project will begin next month and will run until the end of June 2015. "Linking the Chain of Bays" will continue the work established under the current Caring for our Country Project, "Indigenous and Community Partnerships Restoring the Chain of Bays", which will run until June 2013.

Both projects are partnerships between the Friends of Sceale Bay, Wirangu No.2 Association, DENR, EPNRM Board, and the District Council of Streaky Bay. Both projects involve seed collection, pest plant and animal eradication, and revegetation of coastal land in the Chain of Bays. Strong Aboriginal involvement is a defining feature of both projects.

"Linking the Chain of Bays" is funded through the Australian Government's Clean Energy Futures Biodiversity Fund, which supports projects that establish, restore, protect and manage biodiverse carbon stores.

"Linking the Chain of Bays" will link existing coastal Conservation Parks in the Chain of Bays by re-establishing habitat corridors on cleared areas of the Crown Coast Reserve.