Corvisart Bay

Corvisart Bay

Corvisart Bay is a 31km long deep water bay, consisting of a series of rocky outcrops and headlands separated by stretches of high-energy, steeply pitched beach. Like Searcy Bay, Corvisart Bay has deep water sections which extend close to the shoreline.

Most of the main stretch of Corvisart Bay is backed by an unusually high and steep vegetated dune, dominated by stunted coastal heath land and shrubland. A notable feature of Corvisart Bay are the granite outcrops located at Point Westall, "The Granites" (a popular surfing location), and Cape Bauer.

There are also interesting limestone formations on the coast at Back Beach, Whistling Rocks and at the "The Blowholes". Spectacular coastal cliffs are located at "High Cliff"

Corvisart Bay is a significant feeding ground for the Australian Sea Lion, and the waters of the Bay are inhabited by whales, dolphins, sharks, reef fish and a healthy diversity of marine algae.

Cape Bauer

Cape Bauer is the northern headland which forms the boundary between the Chain of Bays to the south and the much larger Streaky Bay to the north. The rocky cliffs of the Cape Bauer area is a known breeding territory for Osprey and White-bellied Sea Eagles.

Olive Island

Olive Island, off the shore of Cape Bauer, is a very important location for wildlife. There is a large breeding colony of Australian Sea Lions; it is a known nesting location for Osprey, White-Bellied Sea Eagle and Cormorants. Olive Island is also an important refuge for Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Fairy Terns, Ruddy Turnstone, Rock Parrot and Cape Barren Goose. The reefs near Olive Island are renowned for the size and diversity of reef fish and marine algae.

Whistling Rocks/The Blowholes

Whistling Rocks/The Blowholes are spectacular coastal features on the clifftops of the northern section of Corvisart Bay. Wave action and the dissolution of coastal limestone has resulted in a series of rounded shafts which funnel air under pressure from the crashing waves below. These features are dangerous, and should be approached with caution. Care should be taken to adequately supervise children in the vicinity of the Blowholes.

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