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The Australian Sea Lion

The Friends of Sceale Bay formed in 2001, in response to a proposed marine aquaculture development at Sceale Bay. This proposal would have placed a large finfish farm in waters near a very significant breeding colony for the endangered Australian Sea Lion. This breeding colony, on a remote rocky outcrop off the waters of Cape Blanche, was previously unknown to science. Dr Peter Shaughnessy, a renowned CSIRO researcher of Sea Lions, surveyed the colony for the first time, and its true significance for the species became known. The Nicholas Baudin Island Australian Sea Lion colony is now recognised as one of the largest and most successful breeding sites for this endangered species. We campaigned strongly against a marine aquaculture development near this colony due to the risk of entanglement and other impacts on the marine environment at this location. To our great relief, the aquaculture development was rejected, and Premier Mike Rann announced the new Nicholas Baudin Island Conservation Park and Aquatic Reserve in November2002.
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