The following Dreaming story from Allan Wilson reveals the spiritual significance of the eagle (Waldya) and the prominent granite outcrops of the area to the Wirangu:

"...with all the stories of the granite...where there's waterholes, and granite hills and all that you know, and there's always a story, a Dreaming story, because they were thought of like Gods, you know."

"Like for instance the eagle came down, the Waldya eagle you know, come down from the north and it sat on those rocks down at Murphy's Haystack, and you can still see the blood on there...(the Waldya was speared by an ancestral warrior over one on the rocks at Murphy's Haystacks, and the eagle's blood is still visible today as a distinctive red marking on one of the prominent rock formations there. The eagle survived, and continued its journey southward)... then it flew down towards Marble Range way area...because there was a big end one Wunda there, a big disturbance.

"But where it flew afterwards, I just don't know. But there are always stories fitting in with the waterholes, fitting in with the big (hills)."

Allan Wilson, Wirangu Elder

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