Significant Plants

Significant Plants

One plant association, Sheoak woodlands (which are found on some dunes at the northern end of Calca Peninsula), is of conservation significance in South Australia.

West Coast Mint Bush

A beautiful and delicate flowering plant, this rare species is found along the Chain of Bays coastline, from the entrance to Baird Bay to the cliffs at Cape Bauer. It can be found in a range of coastal habitats, from low and high cliffs, to established coastal dunes. It is a small shrub with dense hairs on its branchlets and leaves, and it has red and green bell-shaped flowers.

Coastal Bead Samphire

This rare plant is highly restricted in its distribution, confined to saline wetlands. A significant population, perhaps 10% of the entire distribution of this species, is located on the margins of Seagull Lake. It is a low plant with segmented succulent branchlets, which may occasionally be found with tiny yellow flowers.