Searcy Bay

Searcy Bay

Searcy Bay is a remote and wild high-energy wave environment on the western side of Calca Peninsula. The 38km-long bay has deep water (30m) extending very close to shore in a number of places and its coastal margins are lined with high limestone cliffs, punctuated by some small sandy coves and larger high-energy beaches at its northern extremity.

Searcy Bay has a multitude of near-shore reefs, rock pools and shoreline platforms, located beneath high coastal cliffs. These features support a wide diversity of marine algae and reef fish species. There are a few places where granite outcrops on the shoreline (such as Point Labatt), and these areas contain granite pools and reefs which are favoured feeding and resting sites for the Australian Sea Lion.

The high coastal cliffs of Searcy Bay support a number of active nest locations for the Osprey and White-Bellied Sea Eagle, as well as the Peregrine Falcon. The Peregrine Falcon is renowned as the world's fastest bird. Cliff top dunes, grasslands and heath lands typify the near-shore environment of Searcy Bay, which is highly exposed to westerly and southerly wind and salt spray. The vegetation here is highly stressed and frequently exhibits stunted and sculptured growth forms.

The Island

"The Island" is a section of the Searcy Bay coastline popular with surfers. An unmarked track joining the Point Labatt Road terminates at a car park. There is a boardwalk and lookout overlooking Searcy Bay. A nearby coastal stack supports an active Osprey nest.

Salmon Beach

Salmon Beach is located to the north of Point Labatt, and is one of the few vehicle access points to the Searcy Bay coastline. There is a long reef and steeply inclined beach section suitable for shore fishing.

Point Labatt

Point Labatt is a must-see destination for visitors to the Chain of Bays. There is a cliff-top lookout overlooking a haul-out and sometimes breeding colony for the Australian Sea Lion, with spectacular views of Searcy Bay.

Cape Radstock

Cape Radstock, to the south of Point Labatt, is the highest coastal cliff between the Whaler's Way near Port Lincoln, and the South West Corner of Western Australia. The cliffs near Cape Radstock are known to support nesting territories for the White-bellied Sea Eagle and Osprey.

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